Dallas Mavericks Jersey Concepts

Our favorite basketball team in Texas has had its fair share of jersey iterations over the past 4 decades. Since inception in 1980, the Mavericks have had a decent amount of color combinations, design concepts, and a few logos to help drive those changes. Today I wanted to look at some concept jerseys to freshen up the look of the Mavericks. Sometimes a team doesn’t need to go to extremes to change things up. For example, the Celtics, Lakers, Heat, Bulls, Knicks, all have some unique jerseys in their arsenal, but they have hit a home run when it comes to classic yet modern looks. Plus, they also have the advantage of having a more decorated past than several other teams in the league.

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Dallas has not had as much of a decorated past in my opinion. They have had an above average past I would say. You could even argue that they are similar to the Blazers or Suns but with a Championship. Anyways, as a fan, I’ve been tired of seeing these horrible looking jerseys since 2001. I did not and do not find them appealing at all. It could be one reason why I only have 1 Dirk jersey and that is to just have a Dirk jersey. As much as I try to purchase a Luka or KP jersey I do not get that sense of, this is fresh, this is nice when I see what is available by the team. As a fan shop, it does make it difficult to promote this type of merchandise as well. Albeit, this is my opinion, others do like the look so I do rep.

Without further delays, here are some cool concept ideas and some not so cool concept ideas floating around the internet.

Nike Uniform Concepts via iambrianbegley.com

These do not do much to deter you from what the team currently has. I believe they actually came out with some iteration of the last 3. I actually do like the navy blue jerseys and they do feel fresh. But the white and royal-ish blue just do not cut it for me. Nor do I want the team to throw it back completely with the old font. Plus, the black and blue just doesn’t look appealing at all. This reminds me of the Carolina Panthers.

Tyler Upchurch Concepts

These were interesting. Tyler actually did a whole team re-brand and updated the logo as well. I wanted to show a couple of his concepts and although they were refreshing, they just didn’t completely speak Maverick’s to me. The first concept shown here actually does but it reminds me of the updated Utah Jazz icon jerseys. I wonder what this would look with a different font and we do get that with the second image. The waves are interesting but they don’t speak Dallas Mavericks. I did like the color combination but the font doesn’t seem right. The other thing I found interesting is how they used the two different blues. Semi Memphis Grizzlie-ish (if that can be a word) but for sure some food for thought.

RGiss Concept

So these were interesting. Some very cool elements here especially with the star and logo. I thought both of those were refreshing. I would probably thin the star around the numbers out and darken the colors some. The trim around the arms could be thin and two colored similar to the shorts. If Dallas did decide to pay homage to the city and the past, this would be a good alternate after some updates for sure.


These jerseys are probably the best. Not only are the colors from the past used, but they have a solid font and number combination. By not outlining the jerseys text and numbers it allows for a very bold look, plus the use of the 3 primary colors (white, blue, green) push this to another level. The Statement jersey could just use either the term “Dallas” or “Mavericks” instead of both. The city jersey uses the blue the Mavericks have used in the past and I wonder if there are any other color combinations that could work for it. I love the star and logo combination there. My favorite is the Icon jersey of the set. The number might be a little difficult to read, and this is where I would see if maybe it is best to keep both the city name and number both in white.

What are your thoughts on these and do you have other concepts from the past that you’ve seen that you preferred? I know this didn’t cover every concept but I wanted to bring in some competitive options. Unfortunately, Mark Cuban is happy with what the team has, but it really doesn’t speak 2020 nor does it continue some of the tradition from the first 20 years.

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