Dallas Mavericks Clinch 6th Seed

The Mavericks lost a close one to the Spurs last night in a game that could’ve had big impact. The team was up by almost 20 and collapsed late. Dallas¬†played a lot of their core for extended minutes. Carlisle really wanted the team to end the regular season on a high note. The extended minutes could exhaust the team or have them ready for Saturday night. Dallas will have a chance to upset the OKC Thunder in OKC. I’m not sure if you can have a lesser of the three headed monster (OKC, GSW, SAS), but somehow we are very fortunate in a way.


Durant and Westbrook are lethal when they get going. What I have noticed watching this team play is that they will allow opponents back into games. Dallas will need to find a way to keep the game close till the end. Another advantage for the Mavs is that OKC doesn’t run many set plays. This could play into an issue for OKC as the ball can get stuck. If this happens and Westbrook or Durant is cold, well, we have a game. I know that is a big if but after watching the games last night, anything can happen.