Dallas Mavericks 2015 Playoff Push

With 8 games remaining on the schedule, the Dallas Mavericks have slowly slid down the list of playoff teams in the Western Conference. After struggling early, Dallas did a great job building chemistry with several newcomers until the Rajon Rondo trade. You can swing the trade either way, but you cannot ignore the issues record wise the team has faced. Another addition to the veteran team was Amar’e Stoudemire and his issues with team effort have been well documented.

Currently with the 7th seed and an injured Monta Ellis their are some big problems. Houston, Memphis, or Portland could be our first round opponent and are all very strong. The Spurs have climbed up slightly because of our struggles and the Thunder are close behind. OKC, Golden State, Phoenix, and Houston are our opponents in the next 4 games. If Dallas can get split these next 4 games I believe the 7th seed will be locked in. Is 7th a favorable position? Probably not, but if we can get healthy for the playoffs I believe this team can get it going. Also, don’t forget to start preparing for the playoffs! My Dirk jersey is ready, but I also have my Mavs T-Shirt out of Winter storage for hopefully a deep playoff push.