Dallas Cowboys Quick Takes

Well another long delay but as the regular season gets going I’m using this as a window for me to get lined up. Not only do I have a podcast I will be a part of, but with a newborn, and doing my own social media admin (along with a few other things) it has been crazy. Here are some quick takes I have for the past few weeks.

  • Cutting Dez was smart: Some fans might still be angry over this but it’s true. Dallas made the right choice and we can see it in all the social media (Twitter) conversations Bryant has allowed himself to be pulled into.
  • Jerry’s Team: Not only did he make a stance to side with Papa John’s for 2018. Jerry also stated that his players or any player who wants to be a Cowboy will stand for the National Anthem. Big words for a guy who knows that he owns his organization. It did lead to a  little slap on the wrist though.
  • Preseason Game 1: We need Sean Lee big time. Jaylon Smith is looking more explosive compared to last year. I’m very excited to see what he will do this season. Prescott looked solid and it will take more practice to get in sync with these receivers. Our depth is really bad as we saw towards the rest of the game.
  • Jason Witten is MNF material: As much as I would love to see Witten on our sidelines, he’s perfect for the booth. Well…..perfect for the booth in regards to Monday Night Football. After listening to him last night it was clear his knowledge is there. He also works well with the other guys there. What they need to do is get more comfortable with each other which will come with time. But do not get it confused, Witten still has a long ways to go before he becomes elite.


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