Dallas Cowboys Draft Review

Well it’s officially over. The NFL Draft last week was a fun event, and the Dallas Cowboys did a great job with it at The Star in Frisco. It was fun, exciting, and of course the way Jerry would want it to be. I drove by the event and saw some video’s online. Now with that said and out of the way, let’s take a look at the players Dallas drafted and what we felt of them.

Round 1: DE, Taco Charlton: First and foremost, you cannot lose with the name Taco in Texas. The unique nickname works perfect in the state but the player could be a year or two away. No, Taco doesn’t have an injury issue like Jaylon Smith, but he did seem slow when it came to his combine. This Michigan product has already shown that he can get along with Ohio State guys (mainly Zeke). The Cowboys did tackle a strong need in DE with Charlton. Will he be an impact player? Who knows, but I do like the fact that they didn’t go cute and went with a need early. Grade: B

Round 2: CB, Chidobe Awuzie: Another player with a really fun name. Chidobe has the tools to be an impact player. The Cowboys needed to shore up a depleted defense and mainly secondary after losing Carr and Claiborne in FA. Awuzie is a strong piece to shoring up the secondary and will be a strong player to have with Byron and Brown already locked into starting positions. Grade: A-

Round 3: CB, Jourdan Lewis: Here the Cowboys went with another corner and honestly I would’ve loved to see a LB here maybe another DE. It is important that Dallas builds a strong defense in the next few years, so the pick isn’t too bad. Lewis is another Michigan player but comes with some baggage. The team is hoping his legal issue is solved before training camp and if he’s good to go, well then he will make an immediate impact on the field. Grade: B+

Round 4: WR, Ryan Switzer: So we aren’t sure why Dallas went with a WR here. Ryan Switzer is similar to Cole Beasley and maybe they are looking to replace the Beas soon. He has good hands and is quick, but he can also be a good route runner. This could mean the end of Lucky Whitehead. Dallas should’ve kept going defense here and might have reached. Grade: C

Round 5: S, Xavier Woods: This could be a heavy hitter for the Cowboys secondary. The Cowboys did draft enough players to start in the back of the defense. Woods is a hard hitter who has a knack for the ball. We will see if that translates to the NFL fields. Grade: B-

Round 6: CB, Marquez White: This pick was kind of baffling. Dallas is in heavy need to shore up the D line and they went with a corner here again. This could mean Scandrick’s days are numbered, but his experience will be very much needed this season. White could be in for a special teams or nickel/dime package role right now. Does he have what it takes to be a starter? Maybe…. Not a favorite pick of ours though. Grade: C+

Round 7: DE, Joey Ivie: Finally Dallas came back with a defensive end. Joey does have good energy but he might not have the strength necessary right now. I’m glad the team came with a defensive end here. The problem is they might have been able to find a corner or a receiver at this spot, and should’ve drafted the lineman earlier. Not necessarily Ivie though. Grade: C

Round 7: WR, Noah Brown: Dallas made a good pick with this guy right here. Brown has the strength and the size to be a problem. His experience is not where you want it to be, but for this deep in the draft it’s a project well worth it. Grade: B+

Round 7: DT, Jordan Carrell: This is a guy who will most likely be a project. He showed some great skill when given a chance. Dallas seemed to like players from Michigan and Colorado. We will see what Carrell can do, but not a bad pick late in the draft, basically when it was ending. Grade: B-