Dallas Cowboys 2018 Draft Recap

Well it’s finally over. The 2018 Dallas Cowboys draft picks are all set. I will start off by saying that I’m not a big college football fan. Therefore I might not have the insight as some of you guys out there. If I missed something or am just blatantly wrong, then please comment. Nothing wrong with some of the team fan’s out there bringing in some facts. What I will do though is analyze each pick based on my understanding. Let’s take a look at the Dallas Cowboys 2018 draft picks.

Round 1, Pick 19: LB – Leighton Vander Esch

Dallas had an opportunity early to draft a WR with this pick. Calvin Ridley and others were still on the board for this pick. I was excited to see the Cowboys go defense first. For the second straight year they focused on a need on the other side of the ball. Vaner Esch is aggressive and fun to watch. The guy has a nice edge and does really well tackling. I believe he will make an immediate positive impact on the defensive side of the ball.

Round 2, Pick 50: OL – Conner Williams

Williams was a player picked by Dallas who has tremendous upside. The biggest issue with him was that he barely played any football and suffered a knee injury last season. Once again Dallas decided to go after a player who faces injury concerns. Williams might also be big time in shoring up an offensive line that had some concerns. Not sure how I feel about getting Williams here. Could he have dropped? Maybe, but what other position would you have drafted for here?

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Round 3, Pick 81: WR – Michael Gallup

I watched some tape on Gallup and he doesn’t blow me away. What I did like is the fact that Dallas decided to get a player who has upside. Gallup will need to break off the line quicker and be a little sharper in his routes. I think he could be a difference maker not this season but maybe next season.

Round 4, Pick 116: DE – Dorance Armstrong Jr.

So this kid right here can be something for sure. He has a good motor and can get around the edge well. He will need to bulk up some but we might not want him to lose his speed. With Lawrence and Armstrong on the edges, we could see some good pressure on the quarterback this coming season. One of my favorite picks of the season.

Round 4, Pick 171: TE – Dalton Schultz

The bombshell dropped on Friday that Jason Witten was considering retirement. Personally I think the great Witten is on his way out. With that said, Dalton is the right blocking TE you need to help bridge the gap. Don’t get me wrong, it will be difficult to replace Witten’s leadership and mentorship on the field and in the locker room. Schultz on film did a good job getting off the line and getting to his initial assignment. The problem I saw is that he couldn’t maintain his block through the play.

Round 5, Pick 171: QB – Mike White

Personally I would’ve loved for Dallas to get more help at the strong and free safety positions here. But they decided to bring in a young QB to back up Dak Prescott. Now I wonder if this was for insurance or for other purposes. Mike White has good footwork and a nice touch when passing the ball. He could work a little bit more on his release but he does have a nice zip on the ball.

Round 6, Pick 193: LB – Chris Covington

In this round the Cowboys made another pick to build up the linebacker position. Covington is a big guy and has a pretty good 40 time. What I also found interesting is that he had decent lateral movement. Being a former quarterback also helps his cause as a linebacker.

Round 6, Pick 208: WR – Cedrick Wilson

Wilson is a big target and can get down the field. Dallas found a way to get a nice possession guy. What I found interesting is that Wilson can really adjust to the ball very well. What I didn’t like is that the Cowboys drafted 2 wide receivers in this draft.

Round 7, Pick 236: RB – Bo Scarbrough

For some reason I do not remember the Cowboys drafting someone from Saban’s Alabama era at all. Bo is the first and he could be a very interesting addition. Last season we had Alfred Morris spell time for Elliott in the backfield. This season the youth movement is in full effect. The question will be though, is that if Elliott somehow gets injured, can the bruiser Bo cause fear for opponents as well? The tape shows that it could be possible. I do like the speed and strength Bo shows. He kind of reminds me of a Marshawn Lynch and Legarrette Blount hybrid.

Source: bloggingtheboys