Dallas Cowboys & Dallas Mavericks News 4/22/14

Let’s start off by going over what happened recently with the Dallas Cowboys. Greg Hardy was served a 10 game suspension by the league. Currently Hardy will appeal the suspension. Let’s hope he can get the 10 game count down some. With Hardy in a tough situation, the Cowboys will need to find some depth at LB until his return. I also feel the team needs to find depth at this position because Sean Lee has been injury prone. We will trust in Stephen to lead us into a fiscally responsible, and studious decision for this position.

When it comes to the Dallas Mavericks everything is chaos. Tuesday night the team allowed the Houston Rockets (specifically Dwight Howard and Josh Smith) light them up. The game was an embarrassment, but what was worse was Rajon Rondo’s play on the court. Rajon received a back court violation, 4 fouls and a technical foul all under 15 minutes of playing time. Later on during the game, he decided to move from the bench to the floor away from the rest of the team. News broke that Ellis, Cuban, and others tried talking to Rondo but it didn’t help any. Today Rick Carlisle stated that this was the last time we would see Rondo in a Mavericks uniform. The reason for Rondo being out it said to be a back issue but we all know its more than this. Also, I do not put the blame on Rick. Remember point guards are supposed to be an extension of the coach on the court, and Rondo was not that at all. Whatever issues both could not get over do not matter at this point. The Mavericks are imploding right before our eyes. To make matters worse Chandler Parsons is out for the year and is looking to have knee surgery. A team that had so much promise in the middle of the year will need a makeover again, and I feel bad for Dirk to have to go through one more of these. That was a little venting there but I had to be a little opinionated for this one……..