Dallas Cowboys 2016 Early Season Prediction

I know we haven’t even been through training camp and the team is just getting into their offseason workouts. Since the schedule has been released, let’s take a quick look and see what we think Dallas can do pre draft in 2016: (All predictions are predicated on a healthy team the whole year)


Week 1: vs New York Giants 9/11, 3:25 PM

For the first game of the season we have a rematch vs the Giants. New York is coming off a horrible season and will have a new coach for Eli. ODB will be a force but barring any injuries, we will get a chance to see Dez and Romo in action after a long time. Last season game 1 went down to the wire. This season, we expect the same. This time Dallas prevails.


Week 2: at Washington Redskins 9/18, 12:00 PM

The Washington Redskins made huge strides last year with Kirk Cousins at QB. They will be without Alfred Morris who will get a shot to face his former team. The two/three headed monster of Dallas will try to wear down a Redskins team that is built in similar fashion. Dallas will win this game with power rushing and short passes.


Week 3: vs Chicago Bears 9/25, 7:30 PM

A night time showdown with the Chicago Bears didn’t bode well for the ‘boys a few seasons ago. This year I expect a similar outcome. Chicago will destroy Dallas on the ground with Langford and through the air with Cutler/Jeffrey. As strong as Dallas starts, this will bring us down to earth.


Week 4: at San Francisco 49ers 10/2, 3:25 PM

Chip Kelly takes his quick paced offense to San Francisco, but the results against Dallas will be in the Cowboys favor. Dallas has faced Chip enough to know what to expect. With the 49ers figuring out their QB situation, the Cowboys will have an easy time winning this game.


Week 5: vs Cincinnati Bengals 10/9, 3:25 PM

Dallas will have it’s first big non divisional matchup of the year against the Bengals. Andy Dalton will throw all over the field in this one. AJ Green will teach Dallas (if they do not draft Ramsey) that they still have work to do. The Cowboys will keep it competitive but lose in the 4th quarter.


Week 6: at Green Bay Packers 10/16, 3:25 PM

A rematch of the “wrong call” the “missed catch” or whatever you want to call it. Green Bay is a team that has been a powerhouse for multiple seasons. Nothing lets up here as the Packers teach Dallas that they still have a few things to learn. Your Cowboys drop a tough one in Lambeau but learn some important lessons along the way.


Week 7: Bye 10/23

Dallas will have a chance to recover as they face a fairly balanced schedule the rest of the way.

Week 8: vs Philadelphia Eagles 10/30, 7:30 PM

This matchup would have more firepower to it had DeMarco stayed in Philly. Doug Pederson will be outmatched in this matchup against the Cowboys. The ground game and ball control will dictate this game. Expect Bradford to struggle.


Week 9: at Cleveland Browns 11/6, 12:00 PM

The forever rebuilding Browns will face off against Dallas at home and will be embarrassed. RGIII is going to give them diminishing returns, and show that he is still a shell of himself. He will realize that Cleveland was not the right situation after all. The Cowboys will have a field day rushing the football, and putting pressure on the QB. Expect a LeBron James sighting.


Week 10: at Pittsburgh Steelers 11/13, 3:25 PM

This will be a tough matchup for Dallas against a high powered Steelers offense. Both teams will put up points but the Cowboys will lose. Antonio Brown will stake claim to the #1 WR spot in the NFL. Le’veon Bell will break through with a big performance. Romo and Dez will have a great statistical day but not enough for a Cowboys victory.


Week 11: vs Baltimore Ravens 11/20, 12:00 PM

The last time I remember Dallas against Baltimore was in the old stadium. This time the result will favor the Cowboys as Dez and co will explode for points. McFadden and Morris will run all over Baltimore’s defense. The Cowboys and Ravens will be locked in a low scoring affair and field goals will determine the outcome. For us, the outcome will be beneficial.


Week 12: vs Washington Redskins 11/24, 3:30 PM

The Cowboys playoff aspirations will be hinging on this game as they will be jostling for first place with Washington. This game is going to come down to the wire with Washington prevailing. Expect some heavy hitting and fighting on turkey day with this matchup.


Week 13: at Minnesota Vikings 12/1, 7:25 PM

Dallas will take their team to face off against a more experienced Teddy Bridgewater for week 13. The Vikings QB will show poise but still lack some experience. Adrian Peterson will have a decent game. Dez Bryant will reach 100 yards receiving and Romo will methodically beat the Vikings. This game will show growth by the team and add chemistry heading into the final 3 game stretch.


Week 14: at New York Giants 12/11, 7:30 PM

This matchup in New York will be a frigid affair with the Giants getting the W. Romo will battle through some tough hits by the Giants and end the game with an interception. Eli will be the man who leads his team to a victory as the Giants start jelling late in the season.


Week 15: vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12/18, 12:00 PM

The Cowboys will avenge their loss from last season against Jameis and his boys. With a strong running game, Dallas will manage the clock and beat the Buccaneers easily. This game will have the Cowboys closer locked into the NFC East title. Tampa has a lot to learn and this will be a game where Romo and the team teaches them a few tricks.


Week 16: vs Detroit Lions 12/26, 7:30 PM

Matthew Stafford will be under pressure all game as the Dallas defense comes together. No megatron, no problem. Detroit will feel the loss of their great WR. They will try to storm back late but it will not be enough against a rolling Cowboys team.


Week 17: at Philadelphia Eagles 1/1, 12:00 PM

The Eagles will try to pull off an upset against Dallas but it will not work this year. Expect a Cowboys team ready to jump into the playoffs with a victory against Philly. Doug Pederson’s squad will be outmatched again, adding to the growing pains of a rebuilding franchise.