Dallas Cowboys 2015 Rookie Camp

After an exciting 2015 Draft by the Dallas Cowboys. We recently had an opportunity to witness through several outlets (live, news, media, etc) the rookie camp. Here is some information we learned through various outlets about our rookies.

Byron Jones: People are saying he is the real deal. Todd Archer of ESPN Dallas was impressed by him and notated some of the plays he made in coverage. Barry Church considers Jones a “freak athlete” which speaks volumes on his conditioning. Currently Byron is supposed to be a starter, so lets see how he holds up.

Randy Gregory: Gregory¬†got himself a new tattoo, then got dehydrated during day 1 of camp. Overall I’m very excited about him joining the team based on what he will bring. I feel Gregory will be a force and the team plans on helping him bulk up. Along with this help, Michael Irvin wants to help Randy transition to the NFL. Oh, ¬†#94 looks pretty good as well….

La’el Collins: He became quick friends with Randy Gregory and has also signed a 3 year deal with the team. Collins has shown excitement to join the offensive line, and he will be a welcomed addition.

The team is still looking for a punt returner, and we have a long ways to go before we see what our running game will look like as well.