Dallas Beats New York 19-3

The Cowboys basically wore out the Giants Sunday night with patient offense, and a balanced attack. Elliott and Prescott looked strong while the defense looked stout. The Giants were missing Beckham Jr. and it was very easy to see. Eli looked off and the WR’s had no separation. Another thing that stood out about the Giants was that they had no running game whatsoever. On the flip side, our Cowboys had pressure on the quarterback, they had sacks, and forced turnover(s). While the Cowboys go on to be 1-0, they still have some work to do, and they have to stop being cute in the redzone. During the first half, Dallas had a great drive where they decided to pass it for 3 straight downs instead of running the football. Williams and Witten were the biggest stars in the passing game, and Elliott did get a 100 yards rushing. Let’s see what happens in week 2 for Dallas as they face the Broncos, but so far so good in Dallas.