Dak to the Future

It has been all praise for Dak Prescott over the course of the NFL season but things are starting to tighten up for the rookie. Against the Eagles and Packers, Prescott made some bad plays and made some awesome plays. Could this be because he’s digressing? Or is it the fact that teams have more on him now? Maybe he’s starting to feel some pressure? Well, overall we aren’t hitting the panic button but we it will be interesting to watch the Romo and Dak situation here in the next few weeks.


Prescott IS NOT digressing. I believe the rookie QB is actually starting to face defenses that are preparing for him better. More film against a guy, the tougher it becomes for him to duplicate his success. Another factor is the fact that Dak is being allowed more leeway in the system. If you’ve taken notice, Prescott is calling more coverage’s and changing plays at the line more compared to week 1. This is not a bad thing, we want to see this type of growth. Has Dak made some bad decisions? Of course, every quarterback does. The positives are that he has only thrown two interceptions, he’s able to get the team down the field to score points, and he’s getting your team in position to be competitive in ball games.


With all this said, I believe Dak will be replaced if he goes on a two game losing streak. This could come against the Steelers and Ravens. Maybe even if he doesn’t lose two in a row, he could be replaced due to consecutive bad performances. In reality though, we want to keep Dak and we want him to be our future. Right now, we have to play out the Romo side of things due to the investment. One thing for certain though is that we can’t wait for Dak to the future part II.