Dak Prescott is NOT to Blame

The Cowboys are 2-3. Offensively and defensively the team is struggling. Prescott has thrown for less yardage than Goff, Eli, Big Ben, Andy Dalton, and Hoyer. Those are some horrible names. But he is top 15 in QB Rating, tied for 3rd in touchdown passes, and is top 10 in completions. The problems lie in some glaring and not so glaring areas.

First let’s start with Prescott’s side of the ball, the offense. The Cowboys offensive line is nowhere near the juggernaut is was last year or in prior years. This is obviously due to 2 of their starters being gone. Losing Doug Free and Ron Leary has made a huge impact to the O-Line. New faces like Collins and Green are trying to learn, and it takes time to build unity for the front 5.

Next, the run game is not what it was last year. Zeke is averaging an abysmal 3.7 yards per carry this year. This ranks him at 28th in the league. He is second in attempts and 4th in yardage, but he needs to get more yards per carry. This is hurting the Cowboys offense as they aren’t able to move the changes withe the efficiency they had last year.

Our defense is still a work in progress. The Cowboys offense has masked the defensive deficiencies for a few years now. This season we were hoping to build the defense by allowing them limited playing time through our offense controlling the ball. Of course, by not moving the chains our defense has been on the field more often than not. Also, they are barely getting any pressure on opposing quarterbacks, while allowing the 12th most yardage in the league. With that said, they are allowing an horrible 26.4 points per game which is 4th worst in the league.

Why am I bringing this up?? Well, Cowboys nation has a tendency to pull the trigger on knee jerk reactions. This is one that really upset me. Prescott is a good young quarterback. He is poised and has developed compared to year one. Let’s give him a shot, but also let’s hope the team doesn’t have him running for his life like Russell Wilson in Seattle.