Cowboys Win 27-23

A hard fought game is exactly what this felt like. Dak did more this game and played poised and controlled. Kirk Cousins looked like he was the rookie in this matchup. Alfred Morris with a big TD, and Ezekiel Elliott with some ball control issues. Also, Josh Norman got the best of Dez Bryant but Dez at least was involved more in the offense. Here are a few takes from the game:

  • Dez was involved a lot more and it helped the offense tremendously. Bryant didn’t get into the end zone but was efficient enough.
  • Dak Prescott scored his first NFL regular season touchdown. This kid keeps showing us that he can play and play well. We are excited to see what he brings next week in a night game under the lights against an interesting Bears team.
  • Our defense had no pressure and the turnover that was forced was due to a bad play by Cousins. We need to hang in there for 2 more weeks hopefully and we should get some much needed bodies.
  • The Redskins have no run game and it showed. Cousins is ball manager and with the loss of Alfred Morris to the Cowboys, Washington has lost there identity.
  • Cole Beasley is playing well and has become more than serviceable in the Dallas offense.
  • Cousins is losing the Redskins locker room and the head coach isn’t helping his cause. Keep a look out in regards to that situation.