Cowboys vs Vikings Game Recap

I know this is a few days late. Due to studying, work, and marriage I saw the Cowboys Vikings game last night. Here are a few takes from the game.

  • Tony Romo looked good. He threw the ball well, didn’t force anything and played under control.
  • The running game is a mess to be honest. The Cowboys gave Joseph Randle the start and to be honest, I was not impressed. Randle has the break away speed and agility, but he doesn’t attack the running lanes. There were a few times where I saw noticeable yardage that could be salvaged, but instead we either gained 1 yard or lost yardage. McFadden looked good on the limited carries he received but his health is still a concern. Gus Johnson ran with more determination but doesn’t seem to have the quickness for our run game.
  • Terrance Williams is the truth. The guy has really worked on his route running and you could tell. His focus on trying to catch the football was superb. He just needs to work on some smaller intricacies (ex. side line spacing) and he will be dangerous.
  • Our offensive line didn’t look very motivated and our backs had issues blocking as well. I’m not too concerned about this, but it would’ve been nice to see them work a series or two together.
  • Defensively I think we are mediocre. This is actually a good thing since last year we weren’t very good. Randy Gregory and Demarcus Lawrence look dangerous. They brought good pressure and Gregory played well again. There were some running lanes that were opened but our pursuit to the ball was strong.
  • Our secondary is very questionable. Honestly once again it will come down to how strong our front 7 do. I saw some good things from Gachkar, but I’m still wanting to see some emotion from Hardy. I think what is also encouraging is that we are looking better in the front 7 without even seeing McClain play yet. Barry Church has gotten better around the ball, and Brandon Carr had a nice interception. I’m concerned with Mo Claiborne though, as he did have a few bone headed plays.
  • Special teams was below average this week. One thing that has to be stated is that a lot of guys on special teams aren’t going to make the roster. With that said, our kick off coverage was horrendous giving up an early TD, but our return game looked a little stronger. I liked seeing Cole Beasley return punts, and Whitehead did good with kick off returns. Punting was better since Jones handled his regular duties.

Overall we have one more game to watch some of the back ups perform. It was nice to see our team put up 14 points in the first half. David Vaughan is a mess. I wanted to see and hopefully will get a chance to see more of Showers. Here’s to one more week of preseason football!