Cowboys vs 49ers Preseason Game Recap

Week 2 is in the bag for the Dallas Cowboys 2015 preseason. We got obliterated 23-6. I was expecting a lot more from Dallas, and was highly disappointed. Here are my takes from the game:

  • Dustin Vaughan played very poorly under pressure. Granted our O line was basically missing from the game, Vaughan was very tepid in the pocket, and it clearly affected his passes. He also didn’t work the field due to the pressure, staring down WR’s and making it very easy for the defense.
  • Gavin Escobar played below average. I would’ve liked to see more from him in the passing game.
  • Jameill Showers was very fun to watch and made a few special teams plays. He stood tall in the pocket, and worked the defense. It would’ve been nice to see what else he could do if he had a little more time.
  • Our running backs played very poorly. McFadden couldn’t find running lanes and Randle couldn’t block. I did like Gus Johnson again but it would be nice to see him against the second string or starters.
  • Run Defense was very poor. The starters of the 49ers ran all over Dallas and had a field day.
  • Randy Gregory played well. So personally I feel Gregory fired off the line slow, but some how he was in the QB’s face or at least causing pressure very quickly. I liked how he chased plays down and finished them.
  • La’el Collins blocked well and I liked how he did in the trenches. Later in the game fatigue played a factor (which is the case for several players right now).
  • I would like to see more of Geoff Swaim with the second string and starters over Escobar. I think Swaim played well in the running and passing game.
  • Lucky Whitehead turned a bobbled catch on a punt return to a nice gain. He’s a fast player and didn’t do too bad with returning duties.
  • Besides Whitehead, our Special Teams was horrible. Punts were bad and our coverage teams were awful. I understand we have to evaluate talent, but it would’ve been nicer to see a more cohesiveness.
  • Darrion Weems got blown up all night by the ends of the 49ers. He looked slow and was pushed back several times. Personally, I do not see him lasting long, but we will have to wait and see.

We have game 3 this Saturday against the Vikings. I’m sure a lot of things will get worked out and the first team will have more playing time. Last year Dallas did go 0-4 in the preseason so their isn’t too much concern yet. Of course, if we start out this bad in the regular season we have a problem.