Cowboys OVER-targeted Dez

Against the Eagles we were fortunate enough to see the return of Dez Bryant. He was able to score a TD, get 100 yards receiving and leave the game without an injury. Bryant looked explosive and was missed by Prescott on a few passes. The one issue I had with the gameplan was that Dez Bryant was over-targeted. Prescott threw the ball over 10 times in Dez’s direction. Our offense fluttered at times due to this. Our game winning and tying drives both had Cole Beasley more involved. What I’ve noticed over the past few weeks is that we are very fortunate to have several weapons. Tom Brady in New England would be putting up 30+ points per game with this arsenal. The disappointing part is that if Dallas continues to over-target Dez, we could lose and lose big. Cole Beasley is a key ingredient to this offense, and he should’ve been used more against the Eagles. The pressure was on the rookie all night, and a few plays for Dak to Beasley for short yardage would’ve made the Eagles D play honest. Oh, and Jason Witten with a game winner shows how under-utilized he was as well.