Cowboys Lose 6th Straight, The Wait for Romo Continues

Cassel threw a pick six, and DeMarco finally was able to get loose against the Cowboys. This one was gut wrenching, heart breaking, demoralizing, etc.

For the first time in the injured Romo era, Dallas looked acceptable in the 2nd half. Cassel once again made a big mistake, and this one cost us a touchdown. This week the issues that we had in my preview (passing game) didn’t turn out to be too bad. Garrett and company put in a few wrinkles that helped ease Cassel into the game. They utilized Beasley in Welker mode, and took a few shots Dez’s way. Bryant’s heroic Randy Moss like save of Cassel was one of the biggest plays of the night. Our defense failed to force a turnover, and allowed a mediocre Eagles team look dynamic. Eight weeks into the season, and Dallas still hasn’t been able to find consistency. Sean Lee went down again as did Hitchens, and now we wait to find out to what extent we lose both players.

The Eagles started the game off rocky but were able to get Murray and Mathews going from the 2nd quarter forward. Dallas over pursued on quite a few plays which opened lanes for both backs. Bradford also didn’t face as much pressure as in week 2, and you could see him ease into some throws. The ball did bounce in Dallas’ favor a few times but the Cowboys just weren’t around the ball to make a play.

If you look at the stat line, McFadden played well, you had 2 receivers with over 100 yards and a TD. The Eagles didn’t have what Dallas did but they won the game with their quick offensive attack (probably gassed our defense), and a strong short yardage game. Dallas is going to have to scramble now and find a way to get one win before a potential Romo return. Meanwhile the Eagles get a strong win and are in the race for the top of the division. Dallas and Washington are at the bottom, and when those match ups arise this season, they could help catapult one team into the thick of the division race. Until then it looks as if the NFC East is starting to break open…..