Cowboys Lose 20-19

I’m gonna go on a little rant. This might not be grammatically correct but right now, it doesn’t matter. The Giants didn’t run the ball well most of the game, and were held in check pretty well. Dallas had a very tough time scoring a touchdown, and that is a problem with the run game. Dak played well but the receivers had issues with the sunlight. Eli brought Cruz back to life, and Shepherd looks respectable. Here are our takes.

  • Ezekiel Elliott looked poor – With this offensive line, Zeke didn’t look quick or speedy or even powerful. He did score a TD but the overall work was not even par. Alfred Morris ran better but he still didn’t pack the punch we wanted with the run game.
  • Dak Prescott is the real deal – The young man had some miscues but he didn’t make many horrible passes. The sun light got in the way of his receivers and I actually would’ve liked to see Dak run a little more. A few screen plays would’ve been helpful with Dunbar and Butler.
  • WR Corps disappointed – I group everyone together because even though Dak had some bad passes, the receivers couldn’t find the ball in the second half. Terrance Williams made a really bad mental mistake at the end of the game. Dez Bryant had a pass or two where he could’ve made a play but he didn’t. Witten missed a few passes due to the sunlight as well.
  • Eli was poised – Manning looked strong in the pocket and very calm. The Giants executed there game plan very well. Jennings and Vereen are an interesting two headed attack. With a trio of receivers now, New York has weapons. If you had to point to a weakness for the Giants, it was there D except in the red zone. Dallas moved the ball well on them, but they were stopped in the redzone very well.
  • Dan Bailey is a gangster – If Williams would’ve positioned himself better you had a chance to win.
  • Screw Jerry’s stadium – A billion dollars and you can’t figure out the sunlight effect on the field? Get outta here Jerry’s world.
  • Terrance Williams should get cut – Maybe I’m upset, maybe I’m being irrational, but come on.
  • We get Washington next, and that should be a fun game.