Cowboys Handle Browns

What a game. The Dallas Cowboys crushed the Cleveland Browns yesterday. This was perceived as a trap game, but the team did their job. Next we face an interesting Steelers team. Jason Witten, Dak, Zeke, and the Defense all showed up. Dez Bryant was complaining more than playing. I’m starting to get a little tired of the whining and wish Dez would just play through things. Even Alfred Morris got in on the action and had a chance to run the ball a few times. Cole Beasley has stayed a consistent target for Prescott which showed this week. Prescott also threw for 3 tds and was accurate on the majority of his passes. This week Witten had 10 targets and Bryant had 4. I know I complained about this last week and we see a big difference in performance when Dez is not targeted as much as Witten and even Beasley. Gavin Escobar had a nice catch himself and the team overall played very steady. Zeke with two rushing td’s is looking very good for multiple weeks.