Cowboys Give Win to Giants

The title says it all. Now lets get started with how Weeden wasn’t the problem. Brandon Weeden was picked apart over the past four weeks which led to the premature start of Matt Cassel today. It was obvious Cassel wasn’t ready, and he fell apart after his first turnover. Dallas coughed up the ball 4 times, and the Giants capitalized. The special teams with a fumble and three picks from Cassel were tough to overcome.

Dallas needed to force turnovers and they did the opposite. Our defense looked stout and did give up some big plays. I once again will give them a pass, only because of the turnovers committed by the offense. Our offensive line and running game looked solid today. We might have lost Randle for a few weeks (looked like a rib injury), but McFadden looked good. Terrance Williams came to life with Cassel under center, though they weren’t on the same page the whole day. Eli and Odell didn’t do anything great against the Cowboys to be honest. The game was just ugly by the Cowboys. I did like the play call by our offensive coordinator though. I felt like our game plan was good, just not executed correctly. Also, the game plan looked more aggressive.

Next week our team faces the Seahawks and I’m very concerned about this one. Both of our QB’s get shaken after a few hits, and Cassel was visibly shaken after his first pick. The Seahawks I believe could have a field day, but every game is up for grabs.