Cowboys Free Agency Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the site. Several articles are in the works but I just haven’t had the time to get them completely ready. They range from the NBA, to the MLB, with some football and hockey sprinkled in. I wanted to share a little update about the Dallas Cowboys free agency situation. People have been freaking out since the start of free agency wondering why Dallas is not making any moves. Well, the easy answer is that they are cap strapped by Romo, Dez, and a few other home grown players. Next season should be better but they will likely have to extend Lawrence and others. Is it okay that Dallas stands pat? Yes and No. I believe Dallas should at least entertain some players where the team knows they can be competitive offer wise. But they also need to be smart in who they go after. For over a decade we saw Jerry keep restructuring deals and signing some pretty bad players. Now we get a complete 180 in methodology and we don’t like it. This organization will find a balance, and right now they are working on figuring out how.

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Several fans on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social outlets have really dug into the Cowboys this off season. Last year certain moves were made and they immediately backfired (Nolan Carroll). This year the even more patient approach is wearing thin on a lot of fans. I for one am okay with the patience right now. What I hope Dallas does is bring in some veterans though to help on the defensive side of the ball. A few years back they didn’t and that was really disheartening. Also what people do not understand is that the team salary cap situation is pretty dire.

Now let’s take a look at the team’s free agency so far. This hasn’t been too active of an off season but things are just getting started for our favorite team. The data I have below is from the Dallas Cowboys official website.

As you can see, Dallas hasn’t had too much get poached from them but they have had Anthony Hitchens leave which will be huge. The reduction of Hitchens leaves a gap in the defense that they will need to absolutely address. Bringing Lawrence back on a franchise tag was expected. Also the team is most likely going to lose Alfred Morris as he displayed some good ability this season while Elliott was out. Dallas did show some interest in Sammy Watkins but I don’t think Dallas could afford what Watkins was asking for.

***Update: Joe Looney will sign with Dallas.


Dallas has done there due diligence in regards to free agents. No they haven’t chased the big fish or spoke to EVERY free agent. But they have done a good job being involved with those that spark interest. The two players Dallas pursued are Sammy Watkins and Earl Thomas. Asking prices were high for both so it makes sense with the Cowboys cap situation not to pursue. The Cowboys have brought in some new and old faces. Joe Thomas, Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson, and finally they traded for Jamize Olawale (which I don’t think they won). Any how they have made some low cost moves to better the team, but a lot of work remains on the defensive side, and the offensive line.

***Update: Dallas also agreed to signing offensive linemen Cameron Fleming, and Marcus Martin.


Oh the dreaded cap. I for one do not understand the NFL salary cap as well as I would like. The NBA is a whole other story and the MLB even better (no cap in baseball!). We have roster bonuses, dead money, restructuring and much much more. From what I’ve gathered research wise, here is where Dallas stands cap wise. My favorite cap source is OTC (Over the cap). They provide an easier way to play with the situation of several teams. Cap wise the Cowboys have $608,438 in space. Go ahead and make a splash with that. The team has been working on an extension for Zack Martin and will need to do a lot of restructuring. Here is what I see working for the Cowboys:

Restructure: Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Tyrone Crawford

Cut: Orlando Scandrick (Post June 1 Designation), several players from the bottom of roster (Richard Ash, Daniel Ross, Kadeem Edwards)

*Dallas did cut Orlando Scandrick with a Post June 1 Designation

What this does is eat into next seasons cap space due to Zack Martin’s extension and some of the restructures. What Dallas should also do is be patient with the salaries on the home front due to Elliott and Prescott’s deals coming up. If they keep extending guys out they will run into a dead money situation that will really sting.

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