Cowboys Free Agency Day 1 & 2

Day 1 of free agency was a quiet day for the Cowboys. The only news we really had was the whole Romo situation (Which is still strange). Overall the team hasn’t made any signings but did lose a couple of defensive players in Barry Church and Terrell McClain. Both players were significant┬áto the team last year. Also, Dallas lost Ronald Leary who in my opinion was awesome the past few years.

Currently Dallas has a list of players who are available and we are basically waiting to see what the market dictates for these players. Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr are two of the several players available from Dallas. Our needs are glaring on the defensive end and several big name players have found homes already. I’m content with the wait and see approach. For almost two decades we went out and spent uncontrollably and had to deal with salary cap purgatory. This is feels a lot more thought out, plus we have a few guys we need to extend at home.