Cowboys Edge Raiders 24-20

Well the fourth preseason game went well overall for the Cowboys. They won the game and displayed a little on offense and defense. The starters had a chance to play more in this one too which was fun. My overall take on the team is that they have a lot to work on. The left guard and right tackle positions are still shaky at best. Collins and Green didn’t really do anything to give me confidence in them for this season. Also, Green had to leave the field due to an ankle injury. Penalties were an issue as well and this line is a bit of a concern heading into week one. Dak looked solid, Beasley and Witten looked solid as well. Zeke looked rusty but with this as his first action of the 2017 season it was expected. Alfred Morris ran well as did McFadden. Dez looked alright but didn’t really wow me. Garrett and Linehan need to get some shorter routes set up to use Bryant’s size. Lenoir and Hillman both tallied touchdowns for Quarterback Cooper Rush who should be the backup. Kellen Moore disappointed and McCown looks to be on his way out. Defensively Nolan Carroll blew coverage, Sean Lee was juked out pretty badly, and Anthony Hitchens could be out for the year. It was nice to see Jaylon Smith and Taco Charlton in the game more. What was really fun was watching Charlton with a sack, then serve up tacos. It will be interesting to see how the backups do in week 5 for Dallas against the Texans.