Cowboys Choose Mike McCarthy as Head Coach

The news came in earlier today and has taken sporting news by storm. After a sloppy handling of the Jason Garrett situation, the Cowboys have moved swiftly to find a replacement. Several analysts and TV personalities aren’t sold on this hire. My feelings are mixed about this hire but here is where I stand.

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McCarthy has success. He’s coached a team to multiple NFC Championship games and even won a Super Bowl. Over the years, his teams have had pretty decent records. One year they even went 15-1. The offense under Mike hasn’t been a concern. Numbers show up pretty frequently for them. Even in New Orleans he was in my opinion, successful, with Aaron Brooks. McCarthy has a decent win percentage (.618) but is only 10-8 in the playoffs. I do see him as someone who will bring a little more to the offense but I’m hard pressed to know how much.

Under Big Mike (my name for him) the Packers had Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, two of some all time greats. Those two men had a little something to do with his success. But the fact that they went to 8 straight playoff appearances speaks volumes. Something that McCarthy hasn’t faced is the attention that comes with being head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He will be highly scrutinized and hopefully it doesn’t affect him too much if at all.

The staff is going to be interesting to see after this hire. Will McCarthy bring all of his guys, or will he bring in some and keep some? This is going to be big in seeing how much McCarthy has changed. If he forces some of what was successful from last year out, then expect to see the main players struggle and let some negativity leak. I personally feel that based on what was available in the market, this is the best hire. The fact that Marvin Lewis wanted to attach Hue Jackson to himself let’s you know the circus that would’ve came with that package. McCarthy seems to want to keep things low key and not let it get out of control. He is a guy who wants to be involved from the middle of the week till Sunday.

To add a little more of an angle. If Jerry would’ve hired an inexperienced college coach, would we have hated that as well? If it wasn’t one of the sexier named candidates then what would Cowboys Nation have said then? I think this hiring is a conservative one in a few ways. First, it gives the Cowboys the appearance of credibility that they want to bring in a veteran head coach whose won at the highest level in the NFL. Second, it gives Jerry a guy who isn’t going to run the organization like Parcells, Johnson, or Landry. Word is that Jerry didn’t want to go through the process as he did with Jason. But Jerry did just hire the one man that get’s him off the hot seat and will allow JJ to speak his mind, regardless of whether it contradicts the head coach.

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