Cowboys beat Eagles, lose Romo….

Man oh man. I don’t have any way to put this positively. A friend of mine actually texted me and said “What do you prefer, a healthy 0-2 or losing Romo and Dez while being 2-0?” Personally, I think I would take 0-2 with a healthy Romo and Dez. I mean don’t get it wrong, they played horrible. The game had several penalties, turnovers, and sloppy play as well but losing Romo after losing Dez the week before hurts.


So the running game had its chances and was held mostly in check the whole game. There were a few breaks and when we took advantage of these plays, there were penalties. Our defense played very well in this match up. It could easily be said that the Eagles offense was just horrendous.McFadden and Randle combined for 82 yards on 28 carries. Even those these numbers aren’t great, they were significantly better than what DeMarco Murray did. Romo was efficient in his time in but couldn’t find the end zone. Brandon Weeden went 7/7 for 73 yards and the game clinching touchdown to Terrance Williams. Sean Lee played very well with a clutch interception in the end zone on Sam Bradford, along with 14 tackles and 2 tackles for loss. Overall we were doing well in a dog fight, but the penalties were hurtful. We were called for 18 penalties which equated to 142 yards. Most of these penalties were on the offensive line. We also played this game without Ronald Leary who is nursing a groin injury. Romo will be out 6-8 weeks maybe more with a fractured clavicle. We will learn more during the week.


The Eagles need to make a quarterback change. Now I know Cowboys fans don’t really care about the Eagles, but I want touch on their performance. DeMarco made a huge mistake going to the Eagles. I don’t say this as a Cowboys fan, I say this as a person who watched the schemes, plays, and movement on the offense. ┬áThe team isn’t built for a back like Murray. They pride themselves on quickness, speed, and pacing the game at their own speed. Murray is a player who wants the ball fed to him and to wear down a defense. Sam Bradford was erratic, and probably the biggest mistake Chip Kelly has made in Philadelphia. Now, Nick Foles wasn’t very good either, but you can’t tell me that Bradford is better. He didn’t manage the game well, the receivers weren’t on the same page with him, and he didn’t read the defense well either. If Philadelphia doesn’t make an adjustment, they will have huge issues moving forward.


Ok, so back to the Cowboys. We are 2-0, face the high flying Falcons and do not have our starting WR or QB. I believe the Falcons will probably win this one but not by a lot. Our defense is looking very stout, and if our offense can sustain a few drives, that should be enough to help us stay competitive.