Comeback Cowboys Win in San Fran

Yep, we can call this a comeback for the way the young guys were down early. Dallas took an early 14-0 deficit and things were looking very bad. Dan Bailey missed a field goal on the opening drive and everything seemed like it was unraveling. But, the way we’ve seen him all year, Dak Prescott delivered and delivered calmly. The offense moved the ball with precision, our running game and passing game started rolling and the team defense caused a turnover. It was everything we could hope for in a story line. When it comes to the keys that we predicted, Dallas did about half. The Cowboys established the running game and let Dak loose a little bit more. Carlos Hyde did have a slight field day due to Chip Kelly’s offense, but didn’t break free for 100 yards. Dez didn’t play (which is another story) and the Cowboys weren’t able to get to Blaine. Overall though, a 3-1 record heading into a tough two weeks is a blessing, and if the teams ends up at .500, well it’s better than what we could’ve expected based on what we saw last year without Romo and Dez.