Claiborne & Carr Exit Dallas

The Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr era’s are over in Dallas. Earlier today it was reported that Carr is joining the Ravens and Claiborne is on his way to the Jets. Reports are that Carr is getting a 4 year deal. Carr had spent the past 5 years in Dallas after spending his first 4 in KC. Brandon is a veteran at this stage of his career. Claiborne was drafted by Dallas in 2012 as the 6th overall pick. To be honest he did not perform up to standards for the past few years until recently. Dallas is going to have a brand new defense but this might not be a bad thing. The secondary has been mediocre and we had a chance to see some talent growing with Byron Jones and Anthony Brown. Scandrick is a veteran who will be back but Dallas will need to look for some help and depth. This draft is loaded with players who play in the secondary so let’s see what happens in April.