Breaking: Nerlens Noel Traded to Dallas

This news came about an hour ago from the trusted Adrian. The Philadelphia 76ers have traded Nerlens Noel to Dallas for Andrew Bogut, Justin Andersen, and the Mavericks 2017 1st round pick. The draft pick is protected so Dallas isn’t giving up too much in the deal. The 76ers open up a logjam that they had at the center position. Noel is a defensive specialist with little offensive skill. Over the past few years he has been injured, but this season Noel has shown pretty good growth. Justin Andersen was a fan favorite here in Dallas but lack of playing time and lack of development had him out of the rotation. This is a good move for the Mavericks because they not only get younger but they also open up cap space. Many more trades are expected since the NBA trade deadline is today.