Boys Will Be Boys: Book Review

Intense, mind blowing, unique, and a few more words that I could use to describe this book. Author Jeff Pearlman takes you behind the scenes in a way that I couldn’t imagine. As a child I grew up with the 90’s Cowboys. It was a great time to be a fan and I can remember those days almost as clear as yesterday. Well, instead of reminiscing more, let’s take a review into the book some without giving out all the details.

The book has a very cool section that gives you a taste of what’s to come. Michael Irvin is mentioned doing something that could’ve not only cost him his career but he might be in jail. Once you get into the chapters you get the stories of Jerry, Jimmy, Michael, Troy, Emmitt, and more. We all knew Charles Haley was a little crazy right? Well this goes into how crazy he really was. Anyways, you learn about Jerry buying the team and a little background about him. You also get to learn about Jimmy and Jerry’s relationship in depth. What Jimmy had as a team in Dallas and what Jerry had to do to get the legendary Tom Landry out. Who was going to draft Troy and what players were on and not on Jimmy’s good side. Then we learn about the QB battles before Emmitt came and what some players thought of Emmitt.

Eventually you get to read about the first Super Bowl victory in the 90’s and how the team was feeling during that moment. How bringing in Charles Haley impacted the team in such a big way to get to that Super Bowl. What the team was feeling with Jimmy and how Jimmy was starting to feel with Jerry. Of course the horrible breakup of the JJ’s are mentioned (Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones). Deion being brought in and his relationship with the players, coach, and owner. The parties, strippers, drugs, and more. How Michael Irvin was a machine and could party till 3 AM and be on the field at 7 AM (or something like that). Pearlman goes into more depth of course but overall this book is a golden gem into the Dynasty of the 90’s.