Basketball Chic – June

We know this is probably one of the worst months to do a basketball chic idea, but our styles and posts will be year round. Now, our ideas so far have been feminine and we mix up some men’s fashion ideas too. Right now though, we have to get used to the posting style and make sure our posts flow. This week we are going to put together a team outfit that is not only sporty, but casual friendly as well.

This outfit we are going to use an awesome basketball shirt with the words “Love you, mean it”. We really like the blue of this shirt with the different color text. Plus the basketball team logo is small, therefore you can use this shirt when out or rooting for the best basketball team in Texas (yup, we just went there). We decided to go with pants for this outfit that give you a casual feel. These slim fit pants highlight some of the text on the shirt, and makes this a great day time outfit. Now the wedges really make this ensemble pop. These Michael Kors wedge sandals in navy really pull the outfit together. They are stylish and work really well for the summer.

So, the most expensive part of this outfit are the shoes. Keep in mind though that you can use these wedges for almost whenever during the summer and spring time. The t-shirt and pants are very affordable allowing you to accessorize, but still on a budget.

Basketball Chic - June 2016

Top – Mavericks Womens Peace Love World Royal Love You Mean It Mini Mimi V-Neck T-Shirt

Bottom – H&M Slim Fit Pants – White

Shoes – Michael Kors Damita Platform Wedge Sandals