Baseball Chic – May

It’s always easy to put together an outfit with the most simplest of ideas. Throw on a shirt, put on some jeans, and you are ready to go right? eh, maybe…. Ladies, you cannot go out with just the basics. Yes, it is easy and you can make a few things look really cute, but you gotta show some real style when at the big game. Now, this post is not for those who dress like they are going to the club instead of a sporting event. Today we are going to look at an ensemble that is going to be great for a baseball game. This one set is something we recommend for a hotter day.

The hat we chose is the perfect way to cap off your outfit (oh the irony…!). Obviously you have to wear a baseball hat to a baseball game. I mean, there is no other way! What we like about this New Era hat is how it fits and the fact that it is adjustable. The glitter adds a nice flair and gives the hat a worn look that just feels game day ready. We also like the team blue as well as the team name in cursive on the back.

Ironically, I saw a girl wearing this same tank top the other day with a hat. She decided to go with white on white, and personally I like a little more color (hence the blue hat). Another reason why the blue hat was intriguing was because of the different color “T” compared to the tank. Also, the flexibility of wearing this hat backwards or to the side actually looks a lot better. For the tank top, we really like the bold red “T” which stands out well . The pinstripes give this a retro or old school baseball feel and it works very well. The shorts we like with this outfit are some H&M twill shorts. They are a very affordable price, and really make this outfit look very classic. Beige does a good job of breaking the color coordination. We like how it gives you a little different color but still belongs with the rest of the outfit.

For shoes, the Chuck Taylor Shoreline’s have the right color combination to pull this outfit together. The red, white, and blue match the tank top. Also, these are a classic fit sneaker that work well with no show socks and the beige shorts.

Game Day Chic - June

Hat: Rangers ’47 Women’s Luster Clean Up Adjustable Hat – Royal

T-Shirt: Rangers Women’s 5th & Ocean by New Era Opening Night Pinstripe Tank Top – White

Shorts: H&M Twill Shorts – Beige 

Shoes: Chuck Taylor (Shoreline) Sneakers