Another loss for Dallas

The Cowboys lost another dropping their record to 2-5 (0-5 sans Romo). For Cowboys fans I know this is getting old but once again the Quarterbacking position failed us. Matt Cassel played just like Weeden today holding onto the football. Now we do understand he was facing a tough Seahawks defense, but his pocket presence is horrible.

Cassel threw under 100 yards and McFadden even though he cooled down was effective in the first half. It would’ve been nice to see Dallas create some running plays for Cassel next week to keep the defense on their heels. I know that is a lot to ask for from a 35 year old QB but what else can we do? Due to the Seahawks secondary, Witten and Bryant were basically non existent. Dallas should’ve ran more screens to get Bryant the ball and have him involved in the offense.

Our defense played solid and was exciting. Containing the dynamic Russell Wilson is always a challenge but the Cowboys played him well. Jimmy Graham was very effective in the passing game. The Dallas Defense did cause a turnover but once again the Cowboys couldn’t punch it into the endzone. Week in and Week out the Cowboys have had issues scoring. Now we face an Eagles team next Sunday night in what is the biggest must win of the season.