Always in the News

The Cowboys made it into the news again the other day with a reporter stating that it would be intriguing to see Odell Beckham Jr on the Cowboys. This reporter mentioned a trade to Dallas and to me it was downright dumb. As much as the Cowboys were the team to take a risk on talent that brought in baggage, this team isn’t doing that much often anymore. The last player that had that type of situation was Greg Hardy and he was in and out in a football second.

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Why are we always linked to everyone!? It’s simple. The Cowboys are click bait for anyone who doesn’t have anything to report about in sports. Reporters link the Cowboys to almost anything and everything just to get some interest generated for themselves or their site. Do some reports have validity? Of course they do, but the fluff stuff with no legs are the ones that draw my ire.

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You can call this a gift and a curse for the Cowboys. Being mentioned in the media this much can be good and bad. Sometimes a team believes what they hear when they are linked so much to stuff going on league wide. Sometimes a team doesn’t pay any interest to what is being reported and keeps moving on with there own agenda. Also, by being mentioned weekly basically, it is good to keep the team in the minds of fans. It has been a while since the Cowboys have won anything relevant (Super Bowl).

So as you click on a Cowboys related site and decide to read the articles, remember, you are at a place that enjoys that topic of discussion. Awesome sites like Blogging the Boys, and and FTW have some really smart team articles. But the big places (You know who they are) and other wide sports coverage outlets will try to grab your attention with no valid topic.