AL West Pennant Race 2015

The Rangers had an awful showdown vs the Angels over the past week. A good thing is that they are only 2 games back of the division leading Astros. Here are some quick takes on what is coming up:

  • Our run differential is a -29 which is the worst of any team trying to get into the playoffs. The team has taken off in the second half and that differential doesn’t really tell us the whole story.
  • Hamels will not face off against Houston in the first series, but he might in our late September series.
  • We have a series rotation of Seattle, Oakland, Houston over the course of this month. If we can gain ground in the two series before Houston, you could be looking at a seesaw till the end of the season between us and our I-45 enemies.
  • Houston is slumping. They haven’t found any consistency the past week. Plus they have the dreaded spoiling Angels coming up in their schedule.
  • We finish off the year against Anaheim in a 4 game series, that could still ┬ábe important in deciding the division winner.
  • With Derek Holland back and on fire (3-1), our pitching issues might be better shielded.