30K Club for Dirk

The city of Dallas has witnessed several great players. From Staubach to Aikman, Emmitt and Tony Dorsett, Mike Modano and Ivan Rodriguez. We have had our share of greatness. Some are as great as what Dirk has done for the Mavericks franchise. Bob Lilly could be the greatest in Dallas, but the way Dirk has made Maverick basketball fun, inviting, and successful has been bar none, awesome.

Now there aren’t several players who have scored 30k points in the NBA. Only 3 have actually scored that many points with one team. Kobe, Karl Malone, and now Dirk. If you would’ve asked me in the late 90’s if this guy would’ve reached a milestone like this I would laughed. Now looking back at his career and what he has accomplished, I can’t help but admire Dirk. The German has not only helped in the global impact of the league, but he has also been a great citizen for the world.

Another ode to how great this guy is, Wade and LeBron (Yeah the mocking crew) gave Dirk a little shout out on twitter. Here are some interviews, highlights, and videos of Dirk and his 30,000 points.