2020 Week 5, 6, and 7 Recap: It’s over, it is over

Where does the blame start? Where do they go from here? Was McCarthy the right hire? Did Dallas just lose their franchise quarterback? What is going on with Elliott? I don’t have the answers to all of these questions but there is a lot to unpack from the last three weeks.

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Prescott is the Franchise             

The loss of Dak Prescott is big, maybe huge. Actually, I stand corrected, the loss of Dak Prescott is monumental. He is a franchise quarterback in every sense of the word. The man who had the third-most wins in the NFL since 2016 is now out for the year. No, Dallas should not have paid the man or should pay the man while he is hurt. Prescott took the gamble on himself and that is part of a negotiation. But not having him on the field is showing Dallas how important he really is. I’m a fan of Prescott but the non-bias approach is pretty simple. Look at what the Cowboys have put together over the past two games sans number 4. They have put together 13 points total, 1 passing touchdown, 3 interceptions, 325 total yards passing, been sacked 9 times, and have game QBR’s of 39.4, 7.4, and 0. Magnify any of those numbers and you can see that it is BAD in Dallas at the quarterback position.

Where is Elliott?

In the absence of Dak, the Cowboys need a voice on the offensive side of the ball and all signs would point to leaning on Ezekiel Elliott. Well, for one, he has not performed on the field at all. I could break down how abysmal he’s been also but let’s save our breath. He is downright worse than several starting backs in the NFL. What is bad is that you do not see any emotion from the guy. Where is the fire, where is the energy, where is the spirit? Where is the leadership? Nobody said that an offensive leader has to be the quarterback. You are one of the veterans on offense. Why are you not being more active and getting everyone on the same page to work together. Where is your effort to motivate and work with the young offensive line? Sorry Zeke, but since you’ve been paid you’ve dropped in production.

Offensive Line Woes

Former Cowboys center Travis Frederick announced his retirement in March of this year. The draft was in April a whole month after he announced his retirement. You had Tyron who had been hurt each year the past couple of years. You had a young Conner Williams and developing La’el Collins. The only stable piece to that line has been Zack Martin. What made you think that with Gallup and Cooper we needed another Wide Out? No, every team does not continue building the front five, but Dallas should’ve when Frederick retired. Get the talent at that position quickly to keep your position players upright.


The whole thing is a mess. For the first time this season Dallas didn’t give up 30 points when they lost to the Washington Football Team 25-3. But this team has no energy, is playing out of position and is just short on talent plus coaching. Nolan is an idiot. I try to refrain from this type of stuff, but he just is. He is a bad coach. Jaylon Smith is being blasted, but the guy is playing with heart. Dallas needs some help on the front 7 and this draft would’ve been a good opportunity for this as well. The Cowboys made a mistake drafting another Wide Receiver when they need to rebuild on the lines.


Mike McCarthy was probably the most accomplished hire the Cowboys could’ve made this offseason. But with every passing week, you can tell that it wasn’t all him. Rodgers was a key component to success as was the GM in Green Bay. Heck, with the way things are going, we could currently be witnessing the true end of Jason Garrett and blasting him at the moment. I can’t grade Mike yet but I can say that if he doesn’t make any personnel changes, we are going to have issues. The staff he brought in is not coaching up, they are coaching down if they are coaching at all.

Losing the past two games the way they have tells you all you need to know about the 2020 Cowboys. Pathetic is not the term nor is a circus. Dysfunctional seems to fit just about right when describing this team.

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