2016 Regular Season Ends

The regular season is over for your favorite football team. Many records were broken this year by Dak and Zeke. The team also tied a record for most wins in a season (13). We wait for our opponent in the playoffs and take a quick look back at a comparison between 2015 and 2016.

  • Tony Romo was injured for the majority of both seasons but in 2015, Dallas did not have a QB who could lead them to a victory for a while.
  • Dallas also didn’t have a running back they could rely on last year as Randle and McFadden were fighting for the lead back spot.
  • Dez also was injured for a lot of last season and wasn’t 100% healthy when on the field.
  • This year the Cowboys had an unproven rookie QB and a high draft pick RB that handled the load on offense.
  • Dallas broke a team record of 9 straight wins this year.
  • Jason Witten and Dez Bryant climbed up on team all time receiving lists.
  • Records were shattered throughout the year by the offense.