2015 Regular Season Week 9: Cowboys vs Eagles (Preview)

Home: Dallas Cowboys (2-5)

Away: Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)

Game Date/Time: Nov 8th 2015, 7:30 PM CST

Channel: NBC

So we have reached 5 straight losses in Dallas. Many close games that slipped right out of our grasp, and now this is a must win against the rival Eagles. On the flip side, the Eagles have been up and down mirroring the play of Sam Bradford. The team has pieces in place but are putting them in the wrong puzzle.

Dallas Cowboys

What to watch: Defense

Nothing different here. We are going to have to push the Eagles offense into turnovers. Last week Dallas was able to force a turnover which was exciting, but they couldn’t capitalize on the chance. I know the Hardy and company will have several opportunities to get some sacks. Let’s hope they can shake Bradford into several bad throws too.

Issues: Passing Game

Yes, the same issues. Dez came back last week and why didn’t we get him involved? Now I know the team took some shots towards him, but has anyone heard of the WR screen? I mean we could’ve ran the play more than just once. Anyways, I do not expect Dez to have a big game. If you remember watching Cassel in New England, he basically minimized Randy Moss all by himself. We will need Cassel to hit his short throws and look for Beasley and Witten. Yes, this does sound very Weeden like, but it is efficient to move the ball down the field. Honestly, I also don’t trust Matt’s deep ball……

Philadelphia Eagles

What to watch: Running Game

If there was one team the Eagles wanted their run game to crush its the Cowboys. I believe that Ryan Matthews could have a field day. DeMarco will not be able to get what he wants because Dallas knows him too well. What I can see happening is the dynamic Matthews and Sproles dump game work to perfection and burn Dallas. this mixed in with some stretch plays with quicker backs will be a lethal combination.

Issues: Passing Game

Sam Bradford sucks. It’s not hard to say and its not false either. The guy is horrible. Anyways, he will be the problem holding the Eagles back. There isn’t much to elaborate on the guy, he’s a bust. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t know him personally. But man he is not the right guy for Chip Kelly’s offense.