2015 Regular Season Week 4: Cowboys vs Saints (Preview)

Home: New Orleans Saints (0-3)

Away: Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

Game Date/Time: Oct 4th 2015, 7:30 PM CST

Channel: NBC

After a disappointing performance against the Falcons last week, Dallas looks to rebound and get back into the win column. In contrast, the Saints are searching and fighting for their first win of the year.

Dallas Cowboys

What to watch: Offense

Let’s not get confused. This is not the high octane offense we expected to see with Romo and Dez. Even with both of them on the field, we scored less than we did with Weeden and company. We know Garrett and Linehan will put us in a good situation to move the ball. What we need to do is make sure that the game plan is aggressive, and that we are not committing the silly penalties that have really hurt us the past two games.  We’ve killed our own drives with penalties, and if it happens again then this one is all but gone.

Issues: Passing Game

Last week we witnessed the issues of having a game managing quarterback. The defense had to be stout throughout the whole game which didn’t happen. My reasoning behind this was because the team didn’t take many shots down the field. Earlier this week, Jason Garrett stated that the reason why the team didn’t take shots down the field was due to Atlanta’s coverage. Dan Quinn, the former Seahawks Defensive Coordinator played a coverage Garrett had seen before, but Weeden just couldn’t make the reads necessary to attack the coverage. This week the Cowboys have to get their receivers more involved. I believe the opposite is what is necessary with Weeden where we need a strong passing game to open up the running game.

New Orleans Saints

What to watch: Defense

You think Rob is anxiously awaiting this opportunity again? Well he has a lot of work to do because the Saints Defense doesn’t look good. They have given up almost 400 yards per game. The reason why we feel like you have to watch the Saints D is that now is the time to step up. Brees is hurt and Ryan is ready to dial up the pressure against his former team, especially against a guy who showed that he cannot pass beyond 15 yards…

Issues: Offense

I’m going to go on record and personally state that the Jimmy Graham trade was probably the worst move by the Saints organization this decade. You can see that Drew Brees has struggled without his big go to guy, and it is also hurting the production of the other guys as well. Sean Payton didn’t develop or get a guy ready to step up for Jimmy, nor have they found someone to replace Colston. New Orleans is in the middle of the pack when it comes to yards per game, but are in the bottom half in points. If Brees plays, the Saints win. If Brees sits, the Cowboys win. He will drive their offense down the field barring a re-injury to an already fragile shoulder.