2015 Regular Season Week 3: Cowboys vs Falcons (Preview)

Home: Atlanta Falcons (2-0)

Away: Dallas Cowboys (2-0)

Game Date/Time: Sept 27th 2015, 12:00 PM CST

Channel: FOX

So this matchup was going to be Dez vs Julio, Ryan vs Romo, and now well, its two undefeated teams trying to stay undefeated. It’s been a few years since we took on the Falcons and this game might swing to either team.

Dallas Cowboys

What to watch: Running Game

Jason Garrett and company have stated that they will try to establish the running game to help back up Quarterback Brandon Weeden settle into things. Everyone in Dallas is well aware that Weeden will be more of a “bus driver” or game manager instead of a decision maker, leader. Dallas needs its offensive line to get it into gear. Last week the team was penalized on several plays, most of which involved the offensive line. If Dallas can get around 4 yards per carry, then expect a long day for the Falcons defense.

Issues: Quarterback

So Weeden played exceptionally well last week and even threw for a touchdown. The concerns however are if he can hold up during a full game. In the off season Weeden did have a concussion, so the Cowboys hope he doesn’t take any big hits. Matt Cassel was traded for a few days ago and provides pretty decent insurance. Cassel (for those who don’t remember) took over for the Patriots when Brady went down and did exceptionally well. The issues with him I feel were just being able to get the ball out of the pocket quick enough. Hopefully he will not need to play, but if he does, he can learn the playbook quickly.

Atlanta Falcons

What to watch: The Falcons Offense

Julio Jones. Truly, Julio should be the one the whole league watches. Matt Ryan’s new favorite target is just pure dangerous. It will be interesting to see how the Falcons move the football in the air if Dallas decides to double cover the stud WR. If the running game gets established for Atlanta as well, then expect a tough day for the Dallas defense.

Issues: Fatigue/Focus

So, I’m not sure if the Falcons are tired or if they lose focus, but for two weeks in a row they have played very inconsistently. This team has the pieces to go far, but the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde play will not get them much further. A locked in Falcons team from start to finish is scary. The question will be if they are going to find a way to lock it in, or if they will ease off the throttle enough to watch the Cowboys pull out a W.