2015 Regular Season Week 2: Cowboys vs Eagles (Preview)

Home: Philadelphia Eagles (0-1)

Away: Dallas Cowboys (1-0)

Game Date/Time: Sept 20th 2015, 3:25 PM CST

Channel: FOX

The matchup that has been buzzing since DeMarco left Dallas. Chip Kelly’s high flying offense is coming to town and here are a few notes I have on the game.

Dallas Cowboys

What to watch: Improved Defense

If Dallas wouldn’t have committed the turnovers they did, Sunday nights game wouldn’t have been close. Our defense was very stout throughout the game. Yes we had some boneheaded mistakes but overall our performance was sound. A little bit more pressure on the QB would’ve been nice, but the way our secondary held up was awesome. They will have their hands full with a quick and potent offense with several weapons. What I believe plays to our advantage is that we have quick players who swarm to the ball. Get ready to watch this unit with a full game under their belt.

Issues: Working without Dez

This one really hurt last week. Tony Romo led us to a great comeback and the hands showed up for our receivers just in time. The problem is we lost our biggest threat on offense, Dez Bryant. From what we know through reports and media, Dez will be out 4-8 weeks now instead of the previous 4-6 week estimate. Our offense is going to have to show a more balanced attack just like on Sunday night, but when it comes to passing, it might be best to limit our shots and move methodically down the field.

Philadelphia Eagles

What to watch: The Eagles Offense

So the first half of the Eagles and Falcons game was a mess. Philadelphia was just horrendous. No running game, the passing attack fell flat, and Julio Jones was having a field day. Then we got to the 2nd half. Whatever adjustments were made by Chip and his crew almost turned out to be perfect. Bradford and Co. started moving the ball down the field at ease in a hurry up, and with Sproles along with Matthews, they had a great attack out of the backfield. Keep in mind, this is a redemption, revenge, whatever you wanna call it game for DeMarco Murray. Rest assured, that the leagues leading back last year is not happy with his previous performance. He will run with a chip on his shoulder (no pun intended), and will also have something to prove to the team he used to play for.

Issues: Consistency

The Eagles attack quickly but if you break their tempo and keep them off the field they will struggle. Time of possession will be huge for Dallas, and the Eagles proved that they cannot sustain drives unless they are in the hurry up. They did have a nice showing from their defense in the second half last week, but you can bet Romo is anxious to get the air attack started early vs this team. He will want them to fear the passing game so they can open up the running game. Guaranteed, if the Eagles defense keeps the Cowboys offense on short 3 and out drives, they will win this easily.