2015 Regular Season Preview: Cowboys vs Patriots (Preview)

Home: Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

Away: New England Patriots (3-0)

Game Date/Time: Oct 11th 2015, 3:25 PM CST

Channel: CBS

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A new streak has started in Dallas and it starts with an L. The Cowboys have dropped two straight games and had opportunities to win both. New England has been a wrecking ball this season. It seems as if Tom Brady has been motivated by the busy off season he encountered because of deflate gate.

Dallas Cowboys

What to watch: Defense

The controversial Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain are back. You could call them the modern bash brothers (Mighty Ducks reference) but I’m sure that would get taken out of context. These two players are going to make a huge difference in the Dallas defense. Sean Lee will be back, and it will be interesting if the defense can sustain against the Patriots high octane offensive attack.

Issues: Running Game

Yes, the running game is an issue. The problem is not Brandon Weeden. We witnessed what he could do in the passing game and he didn’t disappoint. Our runners have been atrocious to start the season. We are currently ranked 17th in team rushing yards. Last season must have been a unique year with DeMarco because we aren’t going to see that type of production with these backs. Watching the Saints game, our guys were running into walls. Now I do believe the offensive line needs to pick it up as well some to help this cause out. If Dallas doesn’t establish a running game for all four quarters, expect a loss, a BIG loss

New England Patriots

What to watch: Tom Brady

So Tom isn’t a what, but the way he approaches each game is art. Brady is on a mission this season and Dallas looks to be next in the line of victims. New England is fourth in the league in overall points. They move the ball down the field with ease. Brady has utilized the size of Gronk, the speed of Edelman, and the power of Blount. Tom is also third in the league in QB Rating and TDs. His total yards passing is fifth. The guy is going to carve out the Dallas defense with ease if they get fatigued, or he reads the coverages immediately.

Issues: Running Game

Theres nothing new with this statement. The Patriots running game has been basically non existent in the Brady/Belichick era. The last running I remember even being worthy of a Pro Bowl was Corey Dillon. Lately the tailback situation has been a group of whose who guys, and this is nothing different. Blount is going to have to establish his strength as the game goes on, and Dion Lewis will be the back to watch. Of course we will see a mix of things so I expect a trio of backs to be used.